An Art Therapist's Experience

Hi everyone, I’m Gwawr and I’ve been a qualified art therapist since 2014. I firmly believe that creativity is a need in us all and that art is good for us. I feel that working as an art therapist is a privilege, and being there for people at difficult times in their lives is a special and unique role. As a therapist I try to offer a safe environment and space for people to express themselves through images and discussion. Communicating feelings, thoughts and emotions verbally is sometimes very difficult, this is where art can help.

I have worked with adults in a psychiatric unit, with children and young people with disabilities and in primary, secondary and special schools. Each person is unique and each therapeutic relationship is different, which makes art therapy a very interesting field to work in. I love working as an art therapist, I facilitate opportunities to help people get to know themselves better, develop and improve through creativity. Sometimes only small steps are made, but any step ahead is crucial. Meeting people while working as a therapist has taught me so much about the need for space to reflect on our emotions and for kindness. In such a complex and painful world, offering clients the space to be themselves, to share and express without criticism, and to receive them unconditionally, is a very rewarding role.