Strategic Grants for the Arts - fund now open to applications

The above mentioned fund is now open to applications. 9am, 26 February, 2020 is the closing date for submission of grant applications for projects to be held during 2020-2022.
The fund is open to any organisation which complies with our eligibility criteria attached here. Applicants can apply for up to £15,000 per year. The amount available per year to disseminate is approximately £85,000 with predicted competition for limited recourses.
Applicants are advised to submit realistic applications which clearly demonstrate compliance to the guidelines.
Attached are the application form, eligibility criteria and a draft copy of the Gwynedd Arts Plan.
For further details regarding the fund please email here
Application forms available here - Ffurflen Gais Grantiau Strategol i’r Celfyddydau.Strategic Grants for the Arts 2020.22
Read Gwynedds Art Plan here - Gwynedd Arts Plan
Check eligibility guidelines here - Grantiau Strategol i’r Celfyddydau Canllawiau Cymhwyster Strategic Grants for the Arts Eligibility Guidelines 2020.22
Applications to be sent to Cist Gwynedd