Frân Wen

New Projects

In a time of social isolation, connectivity and community is more important than ever.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been busy at work with our communities, listening and responding to the needs of our vibrant and generous friends.

We work with so many energetic, positive and rigorous individuals, many of which are considered vulnerable in lockdown Wales. It has been an absolute pleasure to connect with more people than ever and welcome many new faces to the Frân Wen family.

We’re delighted to share three projects taking place in collaboration with our communities, being facilitated in new and innovative process. Working with a team of incredible Welsh artists, the activity includes a digital theatre production with a 35-strong cast, a creative development programme for young people with additional needs and a unique collaboration with a groups of individuals over 65.

120960 will mark our first foray into digital theatre.

Created by the Fran Wen Young Company, the piece starts 120960 minutes since the first coronavirus case was confirmed in Wuhan, China and what looks at our world over the next 120960 minutes.

The Young Company are rehearsing twice a week via digital platforms to creatively respond to life as a teenager in Wales today. What are the changes we are experiencing? What does this mean for us and our futures? Is this given time or lost time?

The company will share their work on the 19th June, with time and (digital) location TBC. For the most up to date info from the process, follow Hedydd on Instagram and Twitter

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Llwybrau Llachar is our programme to support and develop young emerging artists with additional needs. The project sees the young people collaborate with a professional artist to develop their own unique creativity and practice.

Facilitated over the coming months, this project will ensure creative output and focus whilst staying at home. We are currently recruiting 5 young people with additional needs to be part of the second year of this programme. Read more here

As part of the development of our new home in Bangor, our Nythu workshops are continuing with a community of people over 65 years young in the local area.

With workshops happening over the phone, the community are developing a piece of new writing that looks to the past to make sense of, and celebrate, the present.

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