Coronavirus support

Coronavirus support

The latest updates and information about coronavirus from the Arts Council of Wales.

The Arts Council of Wales has released more information on our Arts Resilience Fund, including the support available for individuals and organisations to help them through the Coronavirus crisis..

On Tuesday 14 April 2020 we’ll launch the first round of applications to a new fund offering support to individuals facing immediate financial difficulty and hardship – our Urgent Response Fund for Individuals. The application guidelines and FAQ document on this fund will be published on our website on Thursday 9 April.

On Tuesday 21 April 2020 we’ll be opening for applications to a further scheme – a Stabilisation Fund for Organisations.

And on Friday 29 May 2020 we open for applications to a Stabilisation Fund for Individuals.

Further details about those elements of the fund will be published closer to the opening of the application dates for those funds.

Further details about the resilience fund can be found here