May news with CARN

As a result of the Coronavirus crisis we have closed ORIEL CARN for the time being.

But we aim to continue to be a network that offers activities and support to our artists, audience and community.

We have been and will continue to run the ABC daily challenge for children and families as well as the CARN Drawing Club daily challenges. You’ll find these being shared daily on our social media (details below) or shared via email if our mailing list.

We’ve also started posting videos that some of CARN’s artists \ and friends have created for us.

- Videos such as ABC with an arts and crafts activity for children and families, which will be shared alternate Saturdays, next to be shared on 16/05.

- And some for our Drawing Club every other Monday at 6:30pm, the next to be shared on 18/05.

- And Who’s Studio? videos, which offer a behind-the-scenes snapshot of artists in their studios, or temporary studios during these times. The first to be shared on Thursday 07/05 at 6:30pm.

Details of where you can view these videos:



Carn Website


On another note, we are in the process of making changes to our website by adapting to the current changes in our world. Hoping that it will be more accessible and suitable for all our needs in the circumstances. So look out for more information …..

Despite the strange and worrying times, it’s great to see that the arts offer people a respite from their concerns. And there are many opportunities here in Wales. Please see below some opportunities available with Codi Pais working with Pontio, and with the Josef Herman Art Foundation Cymru in conjunction with Mind Charity.

Please feel free to contact CARN via email here if you have any ideas or would like further information on anything mentioned above.

Otherwise, we hope you all stay healthy and stay safe, and remember by #stayinghome we are #savinglives.

Al the Best Wishes

Menna and CARN

Please go to the ‘Whats On’ section of this website for full details of CARN online events